The "Rising Tide" and Our Investments

In our prior article , we suggested that investors can benefit from doing the following: Tuning out popular narratives and rationalizations, and staying focused on reliable measures of long-term value Avoiding the temptation to buy overpriced investments Investing in the rising tide of economic growth, as long as the price is reasonable Below, we will use this framework to drill down into the three major areas of global stock markets: US, international developed, and international emerging. For each one, we'll provide some background, discuss long-term prospects, and address some popular viewpoints that have had investors overly focused on the short term or thinking it's "different this time."

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This Chart Pretty Much Sums It Up

We recently came across a great chart showing valuations for the stock markets of the US, developed international countries, and emerging market countries. This chart provides an excellent snapshot of global stock markets.

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